A downloadable game for Windows

This was a capstone project I worked on with 3 others.  Game where your objective is to escape a cave you fell into, but there's way more to this cave than meets the eye.  It was made in unreal engine 4.10.

Level Design/Modeler - Thomas Botkins

Animator - Benjamin McQueen

Storyboard/Lead - Riley Taylor Chaddwick

Programmer - Nicholas Finley

Install instructions

Just download the folder and run the unreal executable inside.  Then the game will start.

Shift - Run

Space - Jump

Mouse - Look around

WASD - Move


Cave.rar 662 MB


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This Demo was awesome. A great set up for what is to come. I cannot say I had any complaints about what was there because I enjoyed it with such cheesy, predictability. As soon as I got to the point with the talking Hamlet skull, I could not stop mocking the voice in the best of ways. In no way do I mean offense for the game itself, it was just fantastically hilarious to play. The physics were great from most demos I have played, very set as to what you could and could not do (such as leaping to your death). However I also enjoyed the misguiding entity which was supposed to lead me to my death the first time, in the end betrayed by my own curiosity. This was a foolish and awesome demo, and I hope to see a full release with much more.